CFT S.p.A.

CFT S.p.A. is a leading Italian manufacturer of industrial lines and machines for the food-preserving industries.

The company technological capabilities enable the design and development of solutions that cover the full transformation process: from raw materials to semi-finished and finished product ready the consumer.

The company production range includes the design and building of industrial lines and machines for the:

  • transformation of fruits and vegetables into semi-finished or finished products;
  • treatment and packaging of milk and by-products;
  • preparation, blending, pasteurization/sterilization and packaging of beverages and special product as soups and baby-food;
  • biotech processes.

CFT is a world-class leader in manufacturing machines and plants for processing tomato products, therefore CFT is fully interested in any new technology able to valorise the tomato and in its by-products. The R&D department has capabilities to design, develop and prototyping pilot plants for innovative products. The expertise enables to engineer tailor-made and sector specific solutions able to fit real-world manufacturing parameters and being transferable at industrial level. CFT owns a rich patent portfolio. The CFT manufacturing division makes use of state of the art machines and highly specialized assembling lines that ensure high-quality standards. CFT is located in Parma, however the company is expanding at International level its market penetration. The CFT industrial group results from the merging of several companies such as Rossi & Catelli, Manzini, Sima and Comaco operating for decades in the processing tomato and fruit fields. By pooling and sharing their resources, capabilities and technologies the group can develop more and better processing technologies. CTF is a certified enterprise fully compliant with international norms such as: U-Stamp (ASME) and UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Key Staff

Stefano Romei is the technical director of CFT S.p.A.   Return to all Partners

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