Azienda Agricola Virginio Chiesa

Azienda Agricola Chiesa Virginio

The AZIENDA AGRICOLA CHIESA is a family run bio-refinery and farming enterprise active in the production of cereals to be used largely to the farm about 600 beef cattle and the remainder for electricity production, combined with other agro-industrial waste materials. These agro-industrial wastes are sometimes used for feeding cattle.

The main productive activity in the last 3 years was the production of electricity from renewable sources, using also tomato peels that during the process of anaerobic fermentation are completely decomposed except the tomato peels. Given the ineffectiveness of the peels in the energy (Biogas) process we are undertaking this project in order to use this by-product and even revenue stream providing a complimentary economic return, as it currently does not yield in our process and results representing instead of an operating costs.

Role in the project

Chiesa plans to implement and test a new demonstrative plant to separate the peels and to extract cutin to be used for processing a tomato-based biolacquer, reusing the tomato peels after the extraction for bioenergy conversion.

Key staff

Fam. Chiesa


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