Report on the final results of the pack test

The deliverable B.5.2 “Report on the final results of the pack-test” concerns mainly the results obtained in the pack test. In particular n° 2 pack tests have been realized, preliminary and final. In the preliminary pack test the cans, in tinplate and aluminium, lacquered in laboratory and produced on industrial line, were filled with lentils and tomato passata (tinplate) and meat (Al). In the final pack test the cans were lacquered and produced on industrial line and filled with Borlotti beans, tomato passata and diced tomato on industrial line or at SSICA facility. Reference cans were produced with standard lacquer and filled with the same products in the same conditions. All the cans have been submitted to a storage test at 3 temperatures, 20, 37 and 50°C. At prefixed time some cans of each lot were analysed in order to evaluate their corrosion behaviour. The pack test was performed for short time, in comparison with standard shelf-life test, due to the delay accumulated in the previous phase of lacquer production, but the pack test will continue after Life, completely in charge of the partners, in order to reach representative shelf-life conditions. All the cans show good adherence of the lacquer and good thermal resistance, while the corrosion resistance was unacceptable for the cans filled with acidic products due to the defects of the lacquer. Anyway the results are interesting and gives information on the strategies to be adopted to overcome some corrosion problems. Finally the results of migration test and of sensorial tests are reported. The new eco-lacquer developed has demonstrated to have a chance to substitute oil-based lacquer for the protection of the tinplate and aluminium cans for food products.