Deliverable C.2.1 of Action C.2

Socio-economic impact

The action C.2 aims has considered approaches selected for the quantitative analysis of the socioeconomic impacts of the project. The questionnaires have surveyed the consumers’ perceptions, their purchasing attitudes and readiness to accept the innovative eco-friendly metal packaging for food contact applicationsIthas been proposed the quantitative model for the analysis of the impact because it was useful to represent a complex socio-economic system in its essence and to find any cause-effect relationship between its various elements and other types of bonds. The action C.2 has foresaw a codebook for each dataset, where information has been stored concerning the coding of the variables. For estimating social impacts, in some cases (e.g. interviews) the qualitative approach was more useful, in order to anticipate the reactions and encourage an open response on specific topics. The questionnaires have been administered to the Quality Managers of Food Processing, Food Plant Manufacturers and Metal Packaging Industries (Group 1) and to the retail purchasing managers taking commercial decisions regarding supply in their outlets and especially those who are committed to providing the outlet shops with eco-friendly and innovative products for green consumers (Group 2). A specific further interviewhas been addressedto the consumer’associations
(Group3a) and to the Ethical Purchasing Groups (Group 3b). A presentation of the results took place with the institutional stakeholders (Group 4). The results of the questionnaire have been integrated with data from socio-economic context from 2014 to 2017.