Deliverable D.1.3 of Action D.1

Project Brochure & Multimedia Project Presentation

The aim of this work is the design, editing and post-production of brochure and multimedia project presentation targeted to the general public and describing the research objectives, challenges, tangible results and benefits.
SSICA conceptualized the BIOCOPACPLUS brochure and outsourced the realization of the brochure to the external company “EDICTA p.s.c.r.l.”. SSICA conceptualized the BIOCOPACPLUS video-clip and outsourced the video production to the
external company “Videopress Parma S.N.C.”. The videorecording of the BIOCOPACPLUS videoclip took place in Azienda Agricola Virginio Chiesa and Cft, re-using several project resources (e.g. images, photos, slides and schemes) developed during the project life. The BIOCOPACPLUS video-clip is public and available in the BIOCOPAC PLUS channel in YouTube. It will be published on social network and on the website.