Deliverable D.1.2 of Action D.1

Communication and Dissemination Plan

This deliverable focuses on improved dissemination and utilization of BiocopacPlus results in the lacquers industries and markets. It is a sort of funnel where all results of the project converge to be widely disseminated. The Dissemination Plan provides a strategy for awareness raising and dissemination of foreground on project using different kind of communication strategies and tools: such as press-releases, web discussions, social media, electronic newsletters, presentations, events or workshops. BiocopacPlus will be presented in many national and international scientific and technological events with good targeted audiences. Partners will be encouraged to publish articles in scientific and popular journals, based on or referring to work achieved in the project. The joint authorship of actions will show a good degree of collaboration and integration among partners. Survey among the project partners was carried out in order to gather information about the current or future dissemination activities. The Exploitation Plan covers exploitation and implementation of results and foreground. It focuses on the very next end-users (canmakers, food industry, retailers, large-scale retail channels and consumers), their needs and requirements. The plan provides guidance for using and disseminating foreground. The Mission of BiocopacPlus is defined as the scale up of the cutin extraction and production systems developed at laboratory scale in the previous FP7 project BIOCOPAC. The main goal of the BiocopacPlus project will be the realization of an industrial pilot plant for the cutin extraction. Within the BiocopacPlus mission, the Dissemination and Exploitation mission can be defined as: “To identify key audiences, actively promote and raise awareness of the BiocopacPlus project through clear, consistent and timely communications.”
The expected outcome of the dissemination and technology transfer activities will be the establishment of a large end-user community spanning many scientific and industrial levels that is ready to apply and commercially exploit the project results.